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Roman Coin Silver

Shekel of Tyros Coin, Judas' 30 Pieces of Silver, Roman Coin *(1 Coin)* (87-S)


Silver Roman Coin Ancient Lot Temple 100-300 AD Amazing Detail Collectible Old


032. Roman Silver Coin. PHILIP I. Antoninianus. Felicitas. VF


Ancient Roman Silver Coin: Denarius Of Hadrian(117-138)/Ceres~VF-XF


019. Roman Silver Coin. SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS. Denarius. Emperor. F


008. Roman Silver Coin. CARACALLA. Denarius. Emperor. Fine


Emperor Trajan Denarius Roman Silver Coin,NGC Certified Fine, 98 AD Excellent


Silver Roman coin denarius of Commodus or Marcus Aurelius (0917)


2 Roman Silver Coins: Denarius Of Faustina II(the Younger)&Lucilla~VF+bonus coin


Genuine AR Silver Denarius Ancient Roman Coin Pendant Necklace Charm Bezel


Authentic Ancient Roman Empire Coin Valentinian the Great 925 Silver Necklace


238-244 AD Roman Empire Gordon III Silver Antoninianus Ancient Coin


Ancient Roman Coins Collections: ... the infamous CARACALLA (pure silver)


Roman coin SILVER Antoninianus Gordian III ROMAE AETERNAE 238-244 AD


Silver Antoninianus of Philip I the Arab AD 244-249 AD Ancient Roman Coin


Roman Coin SILVER Denarius 222-235 AD Severus Alexander-UNCERTAIN


Roman coin Silver CARACALLA 198-217 AD. Denarius. Rome-UNCERTAIN


Ancient Roman Coins Collections: Clean Silver   Faustina, wife of Antoninus Pius


Roman coin Antoninus Pius SILVER Denarius. Rome, AD 155-156.


MARCUS AURELIUS (161-180AD) Silver Roman Coin


Roman coin SILVER Denarius Severus Alexander 222-235 AD ROME-6h


Ancient Roman Silver Coin of Elagabalus


Ancient Roman Republic Silver Coin 20mm 82BC Man And His Dog Last 2PicsReference


Authentic Ancient Roman Coin, 1 gram .999 Silver Mini Art-Bar, & 90% Silver Dime


Ancient Roman Silver Coin AR Denarius Laureate Bust Minerva Javelin 3.2g BMC 183


Ancient Coin Trajan Silver Denarius NGC Choice Very Fine CH VF 98-117 AD Roman


ancient roman coin Silver Billon In Very Good Shape 12,60gm 27mm Perfect


Otho Silver Denarius Ancient Roman Coin 69 AD SECVRITAS


Roman coin SILVER Denarius Gordian III 238 - 244 AD - ROME-6h


Roman Coin SILVER Denarius 222-235 AD Severus Alexander-SOL-12h




Roman coin SILVER Denarius Marcus Aurelius 155-156 AD Rome-Uncertain-12h


Roman Republic Silver Coin~Denarius~Lucius Appuleius Saturninus~104BC~VF+bonus


Ancient Roman Coin -Silver Denarius of Vespasian - Pax (Peace) Reverse


Augustus/Octavian Silver Denarius Ancient Roman Coin Emerita mint. 19-18 BC.


Roman coin SILVER Denarius Severus Alexander Rome 222-235 AD AEQVITAS AVG-7h


Ancient Roman Empire Coin POSTUMUS / Silver Antoninianus/ VIRTUS on reverse


Ancient Roman Silver Billon 20mm Peace Times 2-4th CenturyAD Super Nice Coin!


Roman coin SILVER Denarius Caracalla 197-217 AD-UNCERTAIN-1h


Large Silver Roman Coin of Emperor Gordian III "Virtus, Virtue" #5 - AU++ Luster


Marc Antony Legionary Silver AR Denarius "Galley & Legion Ancient Roman Coin


Roman coin Philip II, 247-249. SILVER Antoninianus Rome, 247-249 PRINCIPI IVVENT


Rare Roman silver coin Denarius Marcus Aurelius 3.74g


Roman coin SILVER Denarius Gordian III 238-244 AD LAETITIA AVG N-5h