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Bernhardt Wall

Lot of 3 Bernhardt Wall Sunbonnet Baby Postcards-Vintage and Unposted


WWI US Anti German Propaganda Dachshund in Hun Helmet Bernhardt Wall PC #2


Bernhardt Wall Christmas Postcard - Santa at Desk- series 7022, 1913 Postmark


Bernhardt Wall~Little Girl in Pink & Black on Candlestick Telephone~Hello Dearie


Bernhardt Wall - Little Breeches Series Boy as Fire Fighter c1910 Postcard


VINTAGE POSTCARDS by artist Bernhardt Wall, Ullman Mfg. ROOSTER SERIES #170


Bernhardt Wall - Fat Man in Suit Smoking Fancy Pipe - NICE ART c1910 Postcard


Bernhardt Wall Sunbonnet Baby YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME c1910 Postcard


Bernhardt Wall~Only Two on Earth~Couple Lost in Each Other~Vintage Car Honks


AY-030 - I Don't Like Nobody, Artist Bernhardt Wall, 1907-1915 Postcard


Bernhardt Wall Can't Fool Us Owl Skull Momemto Mori 1910 Artist Signed


Bernhardt Wall Card Playing Series POKER - Men Smoking Cigars c1910 Postcard


Bernhardt Wall~Could You Love a Red-head?~Short Boy to Tall Blonde Girl~1911 PC


Bernhardt Wall Postcard "Thursday" This Little Bear Bakes Pies - used 1908


Bernhardt Wall~Farm Kid~Patched Bib Overalls~Straw Hat~Dog Back~Ain't You Comin'


Bernhardt Wall - Little Breeches Series Boy as Circus Man c1910 Postcard




Bernhardt Wall~Dutch Boy: If I Laugh More Yet I Vill Break My Face~1912 Postcard


Bernhardt Wall~Hoping You Are Well~Sunbonnet Girl at US Mail Box~Purse~Red Dress


Antique Postcard Young America Signed Bernhardt Wall Patriotic USA UB 1906


Bernhardt Wall Comic Pun~VACATION~From the City to Get Weigh of Country~Fat Lady


"Shriner Mecca” Man & Woman on Crescent Moon—Bernhardt Wall—Antique Ullman 138A


Bernhardt Wall~Christmas~Big Brother~Baby Sister in Red~Gold Leaf Emboss~1913 PC


Bernhardt Wall~"A Poodle"~Old Gents at Bowling Alley~Dog Chases Gutter Ball~1905


Bernhardt Wall~WWI Soldier~Happy When the Ghost Walks~Payday Bills


Bernhardt Wall~Dutch Girl: Ain't It Funny! Tomorrow Nefer iss Here, Never~1914


Bernhardt Wall~Little Girl: "Oh, You Little Pig!"~Piglet at Milk Dish~1911 PC


Bernhardt Wall~Sunbonnet Twins~Days of Week~Wednesday Mend Doll Clothes~1907 PC


2 Dutch Children A/S Bernhardt Wall Postcards 1912


Dutch Kids Laff Ven Tings Look Dark Rosy Hue Feel More BetterToo Bernhardt Wall


Bernhardt Wall - Hobo Caricature - MaCabre Limerick Poem c1910 Postcard


Bernhardt Wall~Fantasy Dressed Bulldog: Let Loose a Line of Language~Even Growl


Bernhardt Wall~Sunbonnet Girl Twins Kneel at Bed~Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep


Bernhardt Wall~Cowboy & Pink Sunbonnet Girl~Am Round But Act Square~1915 PC


Bernhardt Wall~Fat Man With Dachshund~Laff Undt Vorld Laffs~Veep, Veep by Self


7-Bernhardt Wall-Complete Set-Busy Little Bears-Day of Week-Chore-Postcard Lot


Bernhardt Wall~Comic~Girl~Daisy Robe~Fold Fan W~Think Of Me A Little Sometimes


Bernhardt Wall~Christmas~Lil Dutch Boy~Toy Train~Soldiers~Von Vish~Its Efery Day


Bernhardt Wall~Little Boy Cowboy~Furry Chaps~Gun~Good Lookin Critter~Tenderfoot


Bernhardt Wall~Dutch Man~I Shouldt Vorry: Fade my Complexions~Dachshund Puppy


uns Bernhardt Wall~Cowboy Eyes Fashion Girl~Dat's Wot We Men Go Daffy Over~1912